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  • Yellowfin Tuna


    Pack sizes: 500g / 1kg / 1.5kg / 500g Saku block

    Our flagship product, straight off the boat, handled with care, graded and cut in house to deliver true quality. The leanest of the tuna, perfect for that steak on the fire or sashimi style. It’s packed with flavour, has a beautiful colour throughout the loin and a consistent firm texture.

  • Salmon


    Pack sizes: 500g / 1kg / 1.5kg

    Fresh imported Norwegian salmon.

  • Kingklip


    Pack sizes: 100g / 500g / 1kg / 1.5kg

    Local and delicious Kingklip – firm texture that flakes beautifully when cooked.

  • Swordfish


    Pack sizes: 500g / 1kg / 1.5kg

    Swordfish, with its firm, lean flesh, is ideal for the braai. The firm texture holds the fish together and it does not break up too easily if handled with care.

  • Oysters


    per oyster

    Fresh West Coast Oysters – Orders are to be placed a day in advance as stock comes directly from Saldanha Bay.

  • Mackerel


    Pack sizes: 1.5kg / 3kg

    Mackerel, is the taste of the ocean on a plate and without doubt one of our favourite fish. An oily fish, really simple to cook and bursting with flavour. (500 to 800 grams per fish)

  • Yellowtail


    Pack sizes: 500g / 1kg / 1.5kg

    Each fish is handled with care following a strict handling protocol to deliver a product that will beat any other fillet of Yellowtail on the market.

  • Mussels


    Hearty, delicious, affordable and super-easy to cook, mussels are also one of the most sustainable types of shellfish you can buy. Farmed on ropes in the sea, mussels can be cultivated on a large or small scale. They don’t require any extra feed to grow, they clean the water around them, they take no time at all to cook, are nutritious and wonderful to eat….they are a bang for buck comfort meal.

    We’ll take the pain and strain out of cleaning the mussels: Mussels Cleaning for R15.00 per kg

  • Hake


    Pack sizes: 500g / 1kg / 1.5kg

    Classic wild caught Hake, a local and sustainable fish.

  • Calamari Tubes & Tentacles


    Pack size: 0.5kg

    Top quality Loligo salt water squid is packaged as 70% tubes and 30% heads (tentacles).

  • Argentinian Prawns


    Pack size: 0.7kg

    Wild caught, sea frozen Argentinian red prawns.

  • Salmon fillets


    Pack size: 0.3kg

    Blast frozen Norwegian salmon.

  • Hake portions


    Pack size: 0.22kg

    Classic wild caught sea frozen Hake, a local and sustainable fish.

  • Hake fillets – BULK PACK


    Pack size: 2.5kg

    Classic wild caught sea frozen Hake, a local and sustainable fish. Individually wrapped and frozen bulk pack fillets.

  • Seafood Mix


    Pack size: 0.8kg

    The perfect paella combination seafood mix.

  • Fish Cake Mix – Tuna


    Pack size: 0.4kg

    It would be a crime not to make use of every ounce of a beautiful Yellowfin Tuna. To avoid wastage, we have developed a fish cake mix which makes a meal of the meat closest to the bone. Normally, removing it is tedious and cannot be done with a knife, which is why regular fish shops rarely do it. We delicately remove this high-quality meat and package it into 400-gram freezer proof plastic tubs. We then blast freeze it at -45 degrees to lock in the freshness and ensure that the quality of the meat is maintained. It comes out in perfect, versatile blocks which are easy to store and use when you need.